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The host of the AI Song Contest will be Belgian comedian Lieven Scheire, who always dreamed of presenting the Eurovision Song Contest. The audience rankings will be announced by Emma Wortelboer. AI Song Contest host Lieven Scheire Jelle Vermeersch While composer and AI researcher Vincent Koops will reveal the points awarded by the jury The AI Song Contest was initiated and organised for the first time in 2020 by Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, together with NPO Innovation and NPO 3FM and with the help of European Broadcast Union (organiser of the Eurovision Song Contest) as voting supervisor. Winners were announced at a live show streamed on YouTube The AI Song Contest is a public project researching the creative abilities of AI and its impact on us as musical animals. For this contest, various teams investigate the recipe for a great Eurovision song by trying to generate a new one

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What is the AI Song Contest? The AI Song Contest is an international creative AI contest. Teams from all over Europe and Australia try to create the next Eurovision hit with the help of AI. A panel of AI experts and the audience gets to determine the winner who will be announced on 12 May 2020 AI Song Contest. The 2021 edition is co-organized and sponsored by Wallifornia MusicTech, DeepMusic.ai, Teenage Engineering and Amsterdam Music Lab. The AI Song Contest is an original idea by VPRO and NPO Innovation and was organised for the first time in 2020 in the context of the Eurovision Song Contest Amir - J'ai cherché (France) Second Rehearsal — 5 years ago Frans - If I Were Sorry (Sweden) Second Rehearsal — 5 years ago Flag ceremony at the Royal Palace in Stockholm — 5 years ago Sergey Lazarev (Russia) and Samra (Azerbaijan) go dog walking in Stockholm — 5 years ago Previous Page 174. Next Get updates in your inbox! Sign up The Eurovision Song Contest is organized by the. This is the AI Song Contest, where thirteen teams from Europe and Australia compete for the title of the best song created using artificial intelligence.The.

An Australian team has won a competition to write a hit Eurovision song using artificial intelligence. An editor for Dutch broadcaster VPRO had the idea, after the Netherlands won last year's.. They were behind Australia's winning entry into the AI Song Contest. You see, Eurovision was cancelled this year, because of COVID-19, so a Dutch TV station decided to challenge teams to come up with a brand-new Eurovision-y sounding song using artificial intelligence, or AI, and Australia won. CHARLTON: Thank you so very much

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Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Elena Tsagkrinou (Cipro) apre la serata circondata delle diavolesse, le sue ballerine che infiammano la Ahoy Arena di Rotterdam.La serata entra nel vivo con Eden Alene (Israele) che mette in mostra un'estensione vocale invidiabile ed emozionante The AI Eurovision audience wasn't just in the mood for poptimism, though. Second place in the contest went to Germany's entry, an eerie song titled I'll Marry You, Punk Come by Team. Eurovision Song Contest hätte vom 12. bis 16. Mai 2020 in der Ahoy-Arena in der niederländischen Stadt Rotterdam stattfinden sollen. Die EBU sagte den Wettbewerb am 18. März 2020 wegen der COVID-19-Pandemie ab. Als Ersatzsendung für die Ausgabe 2020 und um die 41 bereits ausgewählten Beiträge zu honorieren, fand am 16. Mai 2020 die Sendung Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light in Hilversum.

68 songs written by 134 songwriters have won the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual competition organised by member countries of the European Broadcasting Union.The contest, which has been broadcast every year since its debut in 1956 (with the exception of 2020), is one of the longest-running television programmes in the world Amir aus Frankreich gelingt im Finale das, was sich die meisten Künstler für ihren Auftritt wünschen: Der Song J'ai cherché macht gute Laune und bleibt im Ohr. Zum Sieg reicht es nicht

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  1. Hosted by Dutch broadcaster VPRO, this week's Eurovision-inspired AI Song Contest brought AI generative music into the limelight. Australian entrant Uncanny Valley won the public's heart with Beautiful The World, a pop hit laced with whimsical lyrics, sporadic melodies and synthesised sounds of Australian native animals. The way we approached it specifically was to say: how do we mimic.
  2. J'ai Cherché by Amir from France at Eurovision Song Contest 2016. Video of the performance, music video and lyrics of the song. France finished 6th at Eurovision 2016 with 257 point
  3. Eurovision 2020 was unsurprisingly cancelled due to the pandemic, but AI has stepped in to fill its glittery shoes. Dutch broadcaster VPRO has just wrapped up a Eurovision-inspired AI Song Contest.
  4. The team—Can AI Kick It—used AI techniques to generate a hit predictor based on the melodies and rhythms of more than 200 classics from the Eurovision Song Contest, an annual celebration of.
  5. YACHT. Originally envisioned as a precursor to this year's Eurovision Song Contest, the AI competition, which is online, is moving forward while the famed pan-European song extravaganza, which.
  6. Provided to YouTube by DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbHAi Ai Ai (Eurovision Song Contest Edition) · HomiesAi Ai Ai℗ 2013 Copyright Control℗ Qc RecordsReleas..
  7. The AI Song Contest 2021 was the second edition of the AI Song Contest, an international music competition for songs that have been composed using artificial intelligence (AI). The contest was held on 6 July 2021 and was co-organised by Wallifornia MusicTech, a Belgian technology and entertainment hub, and DeepMusic.ai, an American company that promotes collaboration between musicians and AI.

Don't have an account? Sign In Advertisemen Der Eurovision Song Contest (ESC; deutsch Eurovision-Liederwettbewerb; bis 2001 in Deutschland unter dem französischen Namen Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson, in Österreich Songcontest genannt) ist ein Musikwettbewerb für Komponisten, Textdichter und Songwriter.Vorgetragen werden die Beiträge von Gesangsinterpreten und Tänzern. Seit 1956 wird dieser jährlich von der. A pochi giorni dallo svelamento della città ospitante dell'Eurovision Song Contest 2022 sta iniziando ad essere trasmesso sui canali Rai lo spot relativo ai palinsesti, nello specifico riguardo al Prime Time (la fascia oraria tra le 21 e le 24), della stagione 2021-2022.. Tra i programmi di intrattenimento in bella mostra c'è spazio per l'Eurovision Song Contest e il Festival di. Eurovision was sadly canceled — but the organizers of the AI song contest bravely chose to go ahead. And TNW bagged an exclusive ticket to the show. And TNW bagged an exclusive ticket to the.

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  1. ation ai Grammy per la miglior colonna sonora. Photo by MJ Photos/REX/Shutterstock (9336009a) Grammy Awards 60th Annual Grammy Awards, Press Room, New York, USA - 28 Jan 2018. La commedia di Will Ferrell, anche se non particolarmente apprezzata dalla.
  2. Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Elena Tsagkrinou (Cipro) apre la serata circondata delle diavolesse, le sue ballerine che infiammano la Ahoy Arena di Rotterdam.La serata entra nel vivo con Eden Alene (Israele) che mette in mostra un'estensione vocale invidiabile ed emozionante
  3. Video: J'ai cherché von Amir im ESC-Songcheck. 03.05.16 | 07:23 Min. Er war als letzter Kandidat im vierten Songcheck an der Reihe und hat alle anderen überholt
  4. The COVID-19 pandemic may have cancelled the Eurovision Song Contest, but a number of new song contests are springing up in the hopes of filling the Eurovision-shaped void in the world's hearts and sharing the joy of music in these difficult times. One of these contests is the AI Song Contest. The AI Song Contest is a project organised by Dutch public broadcasters featuring songs created.
  5. The Eurovision Song Contest (French: Concours Eurovision de la chanson), sometimes abbreviated to ESC and often known simply as Eurovision, is an international song competition organised annually by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), featuring participants representing primarily European countries. Each participating country submits an original song to be performed on live television and.
  6. Australia wins AI 'Eurovision Song Contest' By Jane Wakefield Technology reporter . 12 May 2020 ; Technology; Share this with Email Share this with Facebook Share this with Twitter Share this with.
  7. Junior Eurovision 2021: torna l'Azerbaigian, in gara con Sona Azizova. Dopo due edizioni di assenza l' Azerbaigian annuncia il ritorno allo Junior Eurovision Song Contest, la versione dell'Eurovision per bambini e ragazzi dai 9 ai 14 anni, che quest'anno si svolgerà a La Seine Musicale di Parigi (il prossimo 19 dicembre)

EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2021 complimenti ai MÅNESKIN si torna in ITALIA!! Si è concluso l'Eurovision Song Contest 2021, l'edizione più attesa in un momento storico così difficile, la voglia di fare una grande festa era tanta e tutti gli artisti hanno contribuito a renderla tale. Gli spettatori da tutta Europa hanno seguito il più grand Eurovision Againis an interactive Twitterviewing party of past editions of the contest created by British journalist and Eurovision fan Rob Holley.It was a way of filling the void left by the cancellation of the 2020 contest due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 1 Format 2 The EBU's Involvement 3 Semi-Final Special 4 Contests Shown 4.1 Weekly Editions 4.2 Monthly Editions From 28 March to 27 June 2020. Eurovision 2022, Beppe Sala: per Milano Palazzo delle Scintille sede migliore. di Alex Pigliavento · 26 Agosto 2021. Come anticipato già ad inizio mese su queste pagine, per la candidatura di Milano come città ospitante l' Eurovision Song Contest 2022 la scelta primaria da parte del Comune è stata fin da subito il Palazzo delle.

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My first AI Song Contest experience: it's not a bug; it's a feature! For the last couple of months I have been busy hacking away in my contribution to the Australian entry to the AI Eurovision song contest. It was a great opportunity to e-meet other individuals passionate about music and technology, led by the Uncanny Valley people Charlton Hill from Uncanny Valley grew up watching Eurovision, and told The Feed it was the best place to hold an AI song contest because it's such a unique avant garde world Eurovision Song Contest - Running On Air ist Österreichs Song für Kiew! 1. März 2017. 0 Kommentare. Nathan Trent geht im Mai mit Pop/R'n'B-Sound für Österreich an den Start : Running On Air - mit diesem Titel geht Nathan Trent beim 62. Eurovision Song Contest für Österreich an den Start. Im zweiten Semifinale des größten TV-Musikevents der Welt singt er mit.

To download mp3 of J Ai Cherché Amir Eurovision Song Contest C J Spirit, just follow forty six Metascore A guy who complains about God far too usually is provided almighty powers to teach him how complicated it truly is to run the world Watching the Eurovision Song Contest has never been more exciting before, during and after the event, with the official app right in front of you. As you watch the spectacle unfold on television, this app will introduce you to the participating artists, the lyrics of the songs for you to sing along, information about each country and, of course, the results! Along with each country's. Eurovision-inspired AI song contest won by Australia's Uncanny Valley. Yes, they did use samples of koalas, kookaburras and Tasmanian devils. Despite being a long way from the borders of Europe, Australia comes out on top in an AI competition based on Eurovision, thanks to the team efforts of Uncanny Valley. Hosted by Dutch broadcaster, VPRO. The Eurovision Song Content 2021 Semi-Finals air on 18 and 20 May on BBC Four at 8 p.m., while the Grand Final airs on 22 May at 8 p.m. on BBC One

Februar 2016 gab France 2 bekannt, dass Amir Frankreich beim Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm mit dem Lied J'ai cherché vertreten wird. Im Finale belegte er den 6. Platz, womit Frankreich sein bestes Ergebnis seit 14 Jahren und seinen bisher besten Beitrag erzielte und einen 40-Jahres-Punkte-Rekord brach. Sein erstes französischsprachiges Album Au coeur de moi wurde am 29. April. Held during Eurovision week, the AI Song Contest - while not an official Eurovision contest - will be the closest thing 2020 gets to having a Eurovision competition as the main contest was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The team of judges, composed of AI experts Vincent Koops, Anna Huang, and Ed Newton-Rex, praised the contestants for their efforts creating music with AI. We. This AI Song Contest Will Fill The Eurovision-Shaped Hole In Your Glittery Heart. 1374 Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Technology. Netta Barzilai, representing Israel, won the Eurovision Song.

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Je n'ai que monâme was the French entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 in Copenhagen performed by Natasha St-Pier. The song is a power ballad with the singer hoping to bring back a bad relationship, stating that she has feelings for her lover, and that neither of them have expressed any feelings recently. It was performed 14th on the night following Spain and preceding Turkey. At the. Australia wins Eurovision-inspired AI Song Contest with Uncanny Valley track Beautiful the World . By Yasmin Jeffery. Posted Wed Wednesday 13 May May 2020 at 9:12am Wed Wednesday 13 May May 2020. Running on Air was the Austrian entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev performed by Nathan Trent. It qualified from the second semifinal in 7th place. In the final, it was performed 4th following Belarus and preceding Armenia. At the close of voting, it finished in 16th place with 93 points - all from the juries (it received nul points in the televote). Art Demur, a young Ukrainian.

Le notizie in tempo reale, gli approfondimenti e tutti gli aggiornamenti e le curiosità sull'edizione 2022 dell' Eurovision Song Contest, organizzata dall'Italia. Sta per arrivare il primo annuncio di artista in gara all'Eurovision 2022. Lo effettuerà il Belgio, che comunicherà mercoledì 15 settembre chi andrà a rappresentare il. Intervista ai Maneskin all'Eurovision Song Contest (Foto alla tv) La Rai ha raggiunto in camerino i Maneskin appena dopo l'esibizione: una magnifica sorpresa per tutti i loro fan. Victoria De.

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Levina und der österreichische Teilnehmer Nathan Trent singen ein Mashup ihrer Songs Perfect Life und Running On Air. Deutsch-österreichischer Freundschaftsbeweis in Kiew Australia wins AI 'Eurovision Song Contest'. An Australian team has won a competition to write a hit Eurovision song using artificial intelligence. An editor for Dutch broadcaster VPRO had the idea, after the Netherlands won last year's Eurovision Song Contest. And it grew into an international effort after this year's contest was cancelled. ¡Ay, qué deseo! (translation, Oh, what desire!) was the Spanish entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 1996 in Oslo performed by Antonio Carbonell. Composed and written by Antonio Carmona, Josemi Carmona and Juan Carmona (members offlamenco-popbandKetama), the song is a moderately up-tempo number. Carbonell sings about a woman who he wanted to find footprints under your feet and be bound.

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Semi-final 1. She represented France in Eurovision 1989 with the song J'ai Volé La Vie. The oldest was 95-year-old Emil Ramsauer from the Swiss 2013-band Takasa There have been five barefoot winners in Eurovision history: Sandie Shaw (1967), Sertab Erener (2003), Dima Bilan (2008), Loreen (2012) and Emmelie De Forest (2013) Eurovision News. Eurovision 2021. The event host Lieven Scheire said The first Australian victory in Eurovision was done by an AI team! We are elated to have won the inaugural AI Song Contest and to be highlighting the co-creative opportunities that artificial intelligence and machine learning can bring to the music industry, says Caroline Pegram, producer and strategist at Uncanny Valley Im Jahr 2001 erreichte Natasha St-Pier mit dem Lied «Je n'ai que mon ame» für Frankreich den 4. Platz beim Eurovision Song Contest

Im Jahr 2017 erreichte Nathan Trent mit dem Titel «Running On Air» für Österreich den 16. Platz beim Eurovision Song Contest Eurovision Dance Contest (2007-2008) Liên kết ngoài. Trang web chính thức. Trang mạng chính thức khác. Cuộc thi Ca khúc Truyền hình châu Âu ( tiếng Anh: Eurovision Song Contest ), còn gọi là Eurovision, là một cuộc thi về các ca khúc được tổ chức luân phiên hàng năm giữa các nước thành. 12.05.2018 ∙ Eurovision Song Contest ∙ Das Erste. Sie verbreiten Spaß auf und abseits der Bühne: Die DoReDoS aus Moldau treten sonst gern auf Hochzeiten auf, beim ESC singen sie im Finale My Lucky Day. Bild: NDR. Weil Sie »Moldau: DoReDoS - My Lucky Day« gesehen haben Liste mit 16 Einträgen. 10 Min. Songcheck: Georgien/Iriao - For You Eurovision Song Contest ∙ Das Erste. 5 Min.

Running on Air was the Austrian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev, performed by Nathan Trent. It qualified from the second semi-final and at the close of voting, it finished in 16th place with 93 points. It's been a long time running 'Cause I had some things to see I had to.. Rotterdam 2021 modifier Le Concours Eurovision de la chanson 2022 sera la 66 e édition du Concours . Elle aura lieu en Italie ‚ à la suite de la victoire de Måneskin lors de l' édition 2021 , avec la chanson Zitti e buoni . C'est la troisième fois que le pays accueille l'Eurovision, après les éditions 1965 et 1991 Artificial intelligence takes on song-composing duties in Eurovision-inspired contest. By Rodrigo Pérez Ortega Apr. 24, 2020 , 3:30 PM. A contest inspired by the popular annual Eurovision music. We've heard of AI composed music before (albeit with varying results), so it's just a natural evolution of the form to get those musical computers competing.Granted we're not at AI American Idol (aka AI AI) just yet, but with the annual Eurovision Song Contest being cancelled this year, Dutch broadcaster VPRO was inspired to launch the European Broadcasting Union-endorsed AI Song Contest. Alles rund um die diesjährige Ausgabe des kultigsten Musikwettbewerbs Europas, den Eurovision Song Contest aus Rotterdam! 236 Min. Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Finale aus Rotterdam. 22.05.2021 ∙ 19:00 Uhr. FSK0. 45 Min. Eurovision Song Contest 2021 - Countdown für Rotterdam. 22.05.2021 ∙ 18:15 Uhr . FSK0. 29 Min. ESC 2021: Die Finalprognose mit Alina und Stefan. 22.05.2021 ∙ 17:45.

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Eurovision AI-made unofficial 'anthem' set to make history Although the song has been completed and released, it will only be unveiled to the public at the annual cloud conference of Oracle Israel. Ein Team australischer Programmierer und Songwriter gewann den Hauptpreis (und inoffiziell) AI «Eurovision Song Contest»Verwenden eines neuronalen Netzwerks, das auf Geräuschen von Koalas, Kookaburras und tasmanischen Teufeln trainiert ist, um ihren Siegerbeitrag zu markieren. Die Band namens Uncanny Valley sagte, ihr Lied sei ein Antwort auf die Buschfeuersaison Das hat Australien im Juni.

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Dutch broadcaster VPRO has just wrapped up a Eurovision-inspired AI Song Contest, with 13 teams from Europe and Australia training algorithms to become budding pop stars while experts judge their output. The winning entry came from Australian team Uncanny Valley, whose song Beautiful the World was built by an AI trained on a mix of Eurovision hits and local animals affected by wildfires. AI SONG CONTEST 2021 : Victoire de M.O.G.I.I.7.E.D. http://www.eurovision-fr.net/news/lire.php?id=6808 #AISongContest #ListenToYourBodyChoir.. The AI Song Contest 2020 was the inaugural edition of the AI Song Contest, Each participating team had to submit a Eurovision-like song of up to three minutes that had been composed using artificial intelligence (AI). Human input was allowed, but the more AI was used, the more points the entry would get from the jury. The entries were also evaluated by the public through online ratings. Der 61.Eurovision Song Contest fand vom 10. bis 14. Mai 2016 in der Globen Arena in der schwedischen Hauptstadt Stockholm statt. Die Stadt richtete nach 1975 und 2000 den Wettbewerb zum dritten Mal aus. Nachdem Måns Zelmerlöw mit dem Lied Heroes am 23. Mai 2015 den ESC 2015 in Wien gewonnen hatte, war die schwedische Rundfunkanstalt SVT mit der Ausrichtung der kommenden Veranstaltung. Two York-based academics are the team behind the UK's entry in an artificial intelligence (AI) version of the Eurovision Song Contest. While Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19, an AI version of the contest, hosted by the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO, will go ahead virtually. The competition aims to show whether AI can help humans to compose songs on a par with Eurovision.

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All the songs and videos for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kyiv. The participating countries and national selections of songs and artists. Videos will be available here when qualified for Kyiv 201 Eurovision had previously reported that Netflix would air the 2020 contest, but it's unclear if that deal will remain in place with the move to 2021. Netflix was also not going to be showing the. Eurovision Song Contest: su Rai Gulp l'edizione di dicembre dedicata ai più piccoli. La Rai, che lo scorso anno non aveva partecipato, torna in concorso sperando di bissare il.. The song, Beautiful the World, was one of 13 entries in the inaugural AI Song Contest, which was hosted by Dutch radio station VPRO. The competition invited Eurovision member countries to submit a three-minute song in the Eurovision style made partly or wholly by artificial intelligence

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Using AI, the team drew on past submission to the Eurovision contest and interspersed them with audio samples of koalas, kookaburras, and Tasmanian devils. Beautiful the World quickly became the popular vote of the people. The official judges, composed of AI experts Vincent Koops, Anna Huang, and Ed Newton-Rex also rated the song rather highly despite giving the German team the highest. In seinem leichten Popsong Running On Air geht es um die Höhen und Tiefen des Lebens. Eurovision Song Contest. ESC 2021: Gjon's Tears singt Tout l'univers für die Schweiz. 22.05.2021.

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Will the contest make it to air? Discussions have begun in the past two years about the launch of a Eurovision format in the United States. During the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Sweden, it was revealed that the European Broadcasting Union was looking at exporting the format to the United States. United States and Eurovision. Logo TV a LGBT focused channel owned by Viacom broadcast the. Eurovision Song Contest: BBC to Air Selection Show. With the U.K. public broadcaster set to lose 'The Voice U.K.' after this season, it unveils the 90-minute talent show featuring six shortlisted. The Eurovision Song Contest, the pan-European musical competition known to produce kitschy acts, will air live in the U.S. for the first time ever on Viacom 's Logo, the European Broadcasting.

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 semifinal is all set to air on Tuesday, and it seems like the fans are all set to experience the world's most popular live music event In Running On Air geht es um Höhen und Tiefen des Lebens. Eurovision Song Contest. ESC 2021: Gjon's Tears singt Tout l'univers für die Schweiz. 22.05.2021. Eurovision Song Contest. ESC. Since the first Eurovision Song Contest was first held in Lugano, Switzerland in 1956, 52 countries have entered the contest, singing over 1,600 songs. Entry into the competition is not dependent on being in Europe but rather being part of the European Broadcasting Union, so this year keep your ears open for four-time winner Israel, 2011 winner Azerbaijan, and Asian hopeful Australia. Founding. In Running On Air geht es um Höhen und Tiefen des Lebens. Ob Nathan Trent mit dem Song in Kiew einen Höhenflug erleben wird? Im Songcheck kam er mit 6,3 Punkten auf Platz sechs Roma. : esclusa dalla corsa per l'. Eurovision. Sono cinque le città rimaste a contendersi l'ospitalità dell'Eurovision Song Contest 2022. Grande esclusa Roma non risultata idonea ai severi.

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Lies über Ai Ai Ai (Eurovision Song Contest Edition) von homiess Hip Hop Don't Stop und sieh dir Coverbilder, Songtexte und ähnliche Künstler an Im Jahr 1989 erreichte Nathalie Paque mit dem Lied «J'ai volé la vie» für Frankreich den 8. Platz beim Eurovision Song Contest Thus, the first Eurovision Song Contest was held on May 24, 1956. Like many such events, the original contest was humbler than what it is today. Only seven countries participated: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg and France. Unfortunately for historians, the complete record of the first Eurovision is lost Im Jahr 1979 erreichte Jeane Manson mit dem Lied «J'ai déja vu ca dans tes yeux» für Luxemburg den 13. Platz beim Eurovision Song Contest Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Eurovision Song Contest 2016 sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in höchster Qualität Dr Eurovision Song Contest (ESC; bis 2001 z Dytschland frz. Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson) isch e internationaler Musikwettbewärb vu Kumpenischten un Liedschryber, wu syter anne 1956 alljohr vu dr Europäische Rundfunkunion (EBU) im Ramme vu dr Eurovision veraastaltet wird. D Aaregig derzue isch s Sanremo-Festival gsii, wu s scho syter anne 1951 git